This has been a dream that came true !!

In October 2016 is when my life changed. I started my first gig at a women’s clothing store. Specializing in women’s fashion, which included me being there personal stylist. Absolutely loved it !! Remind you I didn’t even know anything about women’s clothing .. But once I got onboard I was developed the ins and outs about the business. Then it was pretty much up from there ..

Throughout the years of me being there. Getting promotion after promotion, which was a BLESSING I noticed. This was more then just a gig this was a career. I thought hard on what I have learned and accomplished in what I did there. I realized that it was more to what I had to offer. God sent me this blessing to start my own! To help and empower women with all different styles.

In October 2019, I then decided to research more in the fashion industry. I took upon a lot of knowledge. Then after that, A LIGHT BULB shined over me. Marsae’s Boutique Came In the picture. Once that light bulb shined it was on from there .. I started to get everything prepared to start MY OWN CLOTHING BRAND !! That was more then just a clothing brand !! A brand that will mean much more then just selling clothes. A brand that will always make sure my exquisite queens are #1 and get the quality they deserve.

On April 29th 2020, Is when I launched MARSAE’S BOUTIQUE for the first time. My whole life changed so quickly, at that moment I realized this was a big accomplishment I made that I never thought I could do. Empowering and making women feel great is everything to me. My Motto is “ feel exquisite while dressing stylish “. I want every queen to feel exquisite because you are. I build this brand so women can know there is more to style then they know. I am here to represent many ways of how to be stylish. While also not breaking the bank.

I want every queen to always remember “ style is a way to say who you are without speaking “ !!!



This is so touching. I always dreamed about starting my own business. I’m currently working a fulltime job I hate . And reading this really made me think harder on what I can accomplish by myself . Thank you for your story . Truly inspiring.

Courtney A. June 24, 2021

Love this !! Keep it up with the inspiration

Emma Dickson May 24, 2021

This Story is amazing . You make me believe that anything can come true . Thank you for sharing 💞

Ariana Monae July 04, 2020

This was so empowering ❤️I love you Business and everything about it ! Keep up the awesomeness

Shaquan Jefferson June 29, 2020

Reading this really gave me hope . Your story is beautiful. I thank you for sharing this with us .

Marie Williams June 28, 2020

Love this!!! You are amazing . You have such a beautiful insight on what you want out of life and how to go get !!! Thank you for this .

Sarah June 25, 2020

Amazing Story !! Very inspirational, gives me so much insight on my next step in life .

Thank you

Liliana Becker June 22, 2020

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